Remove protective film on each tube, do not assemble forcefully and test before installation!

Step 1

Entire lighting structure should be assembled on the floor before mounting. If your kit includes a border, construct this first. If not, skip to Step 3.

Connect the longer lighting tubes with straight and 90 degree connectors to make the border. Make sure tubes are carefully inserted all the way into the connectors.

Step 2

Place T connector at the corner of the border where a power cable will connect to power supply. Must connect power cables at ALL circled locations on diagram to power border evenly.

Step 3

Next, construct each hexagon shape into columns by connecting lighting tubes with the elbow and Y connectors to make your desired pattern.

Step 4

Place Y connectors outside of hexagons where power cables will plug into and connect to power supply. Number of power cables required is dependent on the size and amount of lighting tubes in your kit.

1 cable per: (65) Standard 6W tubes (45) Large 8W tubes or (24) 16W Border tubes.

Must connect power cables at ALL circled locations on diagram to power lighting grid evenly.

Step 5

Test before final ceiling installation. It is recommended to consult with a licensed electrician to ensure that your electrical setup is sufficient and to perform final connection to 100-240V power supply.

Step 6

Raise and install to the ceiling as whole or in sections. Hang with screws through connector holes (preferred method), suspend with wire, or fasten with zip ties. Connect to power supply once installed to ceiling.

Email for a full PDF version of our instruction manual.